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All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) - October to December 2017

09-Oct-17 14-Oct-17 11-Nov-17 03-Dec-17 19-Dec-17

Information is indicative only


Incident Date 19-Dec-17
Ready for Service Date 19-Dec-17

Launch Instruct 23:04
Ready for Service Time 23:48

Launch Time 23:22

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2017 Shout Number 37

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Meadfoot Beach

Service The ILB was tasked to a person in the water at Meadfoot Beach and reported to be some distance

from the beach. The ALB was tasked to give support to the incident however the casualty was

recovered to shore by others. The ALB was released to return to station at approximately 23:30.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 03-Dec-17
Ready for Service Date 03-Dec-17

Launch Instruct 18:36
Ready for Service Time 19:56

Launch Time 18:49

All Weather Relief
2017 Shout Number 4

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Paignton Harbour

Service Both lifeboats launched following a report of one, possibly two, people in the water to the North side

of Paignton Harbour. One person recovered before the lifeboats arrived on scene - search carried out

between the Harbour and Paignton Pier to locate anyone else in the water. Search stood down at

approx 19:15 having established the second person was ashore and safe.

Additional Notes HM Coastguard, Police and Ambulance all involved in this incident.

Incident Date 11-Nov-17
Ready for Service Date 11-Nov-17

Launch Instruct 15:29
Ready for Service Time 16:15

Launch Time 15:40

All Weather Relief
2017 Shout Number 39

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Brixham Harbour Fish Quay

Service Launched to meet an incoming fishing vessel and assist in the transfer of an injured fisherman from

the vessel to an awaiting ambulance. Casualty transferred to the ALB and brought to the lifeboat

station pontoon where they were met by an awaiting ambulance. HM Coastguard assisted.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 03-Nov-17
Ready for Service Date 03-Nov-17

Launch Instruct 01:59
Ready for Service Time 02:09

Launch Time

ALB Assembly Only
2017 Shout Number 3

Coxswain Mechanic

Location of Casualty Torquay Harbour area

Service Preparing to launch to join a missing person search in the Torquay Harbour area. Missing person

located by the Police and search stood down at before launch at 02:09

Additional Notes

Incident Date 18-Oct-17
Ready for Service Date 18-Oct-17

Launch Instruct 23:09
Ready for Service Time 23:24

Launch Time

ALB Assembly Only
2017 Shout Number 2

Coxswain Mechanic

Location of Casualty Anstey's Cove / Haldon Pier

Service Preparing to launch to support a missing person search initially in the Anstey's Cove area. Missing

person was located on Haldon Pier, Torquay shortly before the ALB launched. Launch stood down.

Additional Notes Police, HMCoastguard and Teignmouth Lifeboat all involved.

Incident Date 14-Oct-17
Ready for Service Date 14-Oct-17

Launch Instruct 18:23
Ready for Service Time 19:54

Launch Time 18:29

All Weather Relief
2017 Shout Number 38

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Nigel Crang

Location of Casualty Orestone

Service Launched to assist in the location and recovery of three divers and then locate the dive vessel at

anchor to the NNE of the Orestone. ALB & ILB met with the casualty vessel - five divers taken by

the ILB to Ansteys Cove to recover transport vehicles. Eight divers transferred to the ALB. Dive

vessel towed to Torquay Harbour.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 09-Oct-17
Ready for Service Date 09-Oct-17

Launch Instruct 19:56
Ready for Service Time 21:39

Launch Time 20:10

All Weather Relief
2017 Shout Number 37

Coxswain Roger Good Mechanic Nigel Crang

Location of Casualty approx 3 miles East of River Dart entrance

Service A 26 ft Fishing Vessel suffered engine failure. All Weather Lifeboat launched to her assistance

following no response from any other vessels in the area and towed into Dartmouth Harbour before

returning to station.

Additional Notes
Friday 6 October - The relief Severn Class Lifeboat 17-27 (Volunteer Spirit) has taken over the station lifeboat role whilst 17-28 (Alec & Christina Dykes) is at South Yard on the Isle of Wight for a major refit expected to last three and a half months.    

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