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All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) - October to December 2015

03-Oct-15 15-Oct-15 21-Nov-15 21-Dec-15  

Information is indicative only


Incident Date 21-Dec-15
Ready for Service Date 21-Dec-15

Launch Instruct 13:20
Ready for Service Time 15:57

Launch Time 14:05

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2015 Shout Number 39

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Nigel Coulton

Location of Casualty 2.5 miles ESE of Berry Head

Service Tasked to meet the cargo vessel 'Navigator Saturn' on the Pilot Station to carry out a medical

evacuation of a crew member. The vessel diverted towards Tor Bay whilst on passage down the

English Channel to Tarragona. Casualty transferred to the ALB and onward to Torquay Harbour and

an awaiting ambulance.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 21-Nov-15
Ready for Service Date 22-Nov-15

Launch Instruct 11:01
Ready for Service Time 12:38

Launch Time 11:18

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2015 Shout Number 38

Coxswain Roger Good Mechanic Nigel Coulton

Location of Casualty Brixham Outer Harbour

Service Launched to assist the ILB following report of a vessel having come adrift in the strong North

Westerly winds and possibly injuring one person on a second vessel during attempts to secure the

adrift vessel. A crew Paramedic, carried on the ILB, checked all OK - both lifeboats worked to

secure the adrift vessel before the ALB returned to station.

Additional Notes Near Gale North West wind causing heavy seas in the outer harbour

Incident Date 15-Oct-15
Ready for Service Date 15-Oct-15

Launch Instruct 14:39
Ready for Service Time 16:37

Launch Time 14:50

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2015 Shout Number 37

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Will Bower

Location of Casualty Hopes Nose

Service Launched to assist in the recovery of a casualty who had fallen at Thatcher Point on Hopes Nose.

Casualty transferred to Derriford by Rescue Helicopter 106.

Additional Notes 'Y' Boat transferred crew paramedic to shore to join other ambulance personnel.

Incident Date 03-Oct-15
Ready for Service Date 03-Oct-15

Launch Instruct 09:00
Ready for Service Time 14:47

Launch Time 09:09

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2015 Shout Number 36

Coxswain Richard Fowler Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty 27 miles SSE of Berry Head

Service Launched to the 35ft vessel 'Silver Sea' with three people on board suffering with a complete

propulsion system failure. The vessel was located in the shipping traffic seperation lanes. Vessel

returned under tow to Brixham.

Additional Notes Weather conditions on scene calm

Friday 11 December 7 pm - RNLI Carol Concert - All Saints, Brixham

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