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All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) - October to December 2013

21-Oct-13 03-Nov-13 13-Nov-13 30-Nov-13 (2) 10-Dec-13

Information is indicative only


Incident Date 26-Dec-13
Ready for Service Date 26-Dec-13

Launch Instruct 23:31
Ready for Service Time 23:39

Launch Time

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 3

Coxswain Mechanic

Location of Paignton Harbour/Seafront

Service Preparing to launch to a person threatening to jump into the sea in the vicinity of Paignton

Harbour. Individual secured by Police before launch. ALB stood down.


Incident Date 10-Dec-13
Ready for Service Date 10-Dec-13

Launch Instruct 14:30
Ready for Service Time 17:27

Launch Time 14:34

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 46

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Will Bower

Location of 18 Miles ESE of Berry Head

Service Launched following May Day call reporting a possible fire aboard the fishing vessel 'Amy R'.

Fishing Vessel 'Gerry Ann C' attended initially and the ALB joined to investigate the cause &

ensure all was OK. The casualty vessel having suffered some engine room damage was

returned to Brixham under tow by the 'Gerry Ann C'


Incident Date 30-Nov-13
Ready for Service Date 30-Nov-13

Launch Instruct 12:41
Ready for Service Time 13:08

Launch Time 12:41

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 45

Coxswain Richard Fowler Mechanic Nigel Crang

Location of South of Daddy Hole Plain

Service Diverted from the tow to search for two divers thought to have surfaced but out of sight from

the dive boat. As the search developed the NCI tower sighted the two divers and guided the

search vessels to them. Divers recovered all OK to the All Weather Lifeboat. Dive vessel

picked up the divers from the ALB and then the ALB returned to pick up the tow again.

Additional Torbay ILB and Teignmouth ILB also joined the tasking.


Incident Date 30-Nov-13
Ready for Service Date 30-Nov-13

Launch Instruct 08:09
Ready for Service Time 15:02

Launch Time 08:21

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 44

Coxswain Richard Fowler Mechanic Nigel Crang

Location of 24 miles East of Berry Head

Service Following an unsuccessful Pan Broadcast Torbay Lifeboat was tasked to the fishing vessel

'Our Olivia Belle' suffering from a fouled propeller. The tow was dropped between 12:41 and

13:24 while the ALB was diverted to search for missing divers. Once located and returned to

the dive vessel the fishing vessel tow was resumed and she was returned to Brixham.




Incident Date 13-Nov-13
Ready for Service Date 13-Nov-13

Launch Instruct 16:00
Ready for Service Time 17:30

Launch Time 16:00

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 43

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Paul Bradfield

Location of Off Beesands - Start Bay

Service Torbay Lifeboat was on passage from Plymouth following a 'bottom scrub' when concerns

were raised about a diver possibly late surfacing. Similarly Salcombe Lifeboat was on

passage from Dartmouth to Salcombe following a shout. Both lifeboats joined with the dive

boat searching for the diver. He surfaced and was spotted and recovered to the dive boat.

Torbay & Salcombe continued their respective passage.


Incident Date 03-Nov-13
Ready for Service Date 03-Nov-13

Launch Instruct 20:27
Ready for Service Time 23:09

Launch Time 20:41

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 42

Coxswain Richard Fowler Mechanic Simon James

Location of River Dart

Service Tasked to search for a missing person possibly within the River Dart between the entrance

and the Dittisham Anchor stone. Extensive search by all units carried out and continued on

shore after lifeboats released..

Additional Dart Lifeboat & Rescue Helo 169 also involved in the search in very poor weather

Incident Date 21-Oct-13
Ready for Service Date 21-Oct-13

Launch Instruct 00:33
Ready for Service Time 01:38

Launch Time 00:43

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2013 Shout 41

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Nigel Coulton

Location of Possibly Goodrington/Broadsands Area

Service Launched following confirmed sighting of a red flare in the vicinty of Broadsands - Goodrington

Following a detailed search with nothing found ALB released to return to station

Additional HMCG raised a PanPan with no response

Friday 13 December 7 pm - RNLI Carol Concert - All Saints, Brixham

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