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All Weather Lifeboat Shouts (ALB)    July-September 2018

01-Jul-18 28-Jul-18 10-Aug-18 (2) 31-Aug-18 11-Sep-18

Information displayed is indicative only


Incident Date 11-Sep-18
Ready for Service Date 11-Sep-18

Launch Instruct 20:04
Ready for Service Time 23:06

Launch Time 20:18

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 25

Coxswain John Heale Mechanic Ashley McInally

Location of Casualty 6 miles East of Hopes Nose

Service Launched to a 14 metre sailing vessel with two persons onboard unable to manouvre and requiring

assistance to make a safe port. After some difficulty establishing her actual position the ALB

established a tow and returned the vessel to Brixham.

Additional Notes
Sat 8 Sep - Relief Lifeboat 'Volunteer Spirit' RNLI 17-27 departed Brixham for St Mary's in the Isles of Scilly after 11 months based at Brixham    
Fri 31 Aug  -  Lifeboat 17-28 returns to service as 'Torbay Lifeboat' releasing Relief Lifeboat 17-27 for further duties elsewhere.    

Incident Date 31-Aug-18
Ready for Service Date 31-Aug-18

Launch Instruct 15:01
Ready for Service Time 15:58

Launch Time 15:01

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 24

Coxswain John Heale Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty St Mary's Bay

Service Lifeboat 17-28 on passage back to Brixham was contacted by Falmouth Coastguard to assist a 30ft

broken down vessel in St Mary's Bay. The ALB took the vessel in tow to Brixham Harbour and

handed her over to the Marina Work Boat. 17-28 will be put back into service as Torbay Lifeboat


Additional Notes This recovery has to be one of the fastest! 17-28 was approaching St Mary's Bay when the call

came in.

Incident Date 10-Aug-18
Ready for Service Date 10-Aug-18

Launch Instruct 16:38
Ready for Service Time 18:24

Launch Time 16:42

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 23

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Gary Fletcher

Location of Casualty East of Scabbacombe

Service Whilst the Station Lifeboat 17-28 was on passage from Plymouth to Brixham the station was

requested to launch to a 53ft vessel with ten people on board that had suffered engine failure

north of the Eastern Blackstone. 17-28 was tasked to the vessel returning her under tow to Brixham.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 10-Aug-18
Ready for Service Date 10-Aug-18

Launch Instruct 08:20
Ready for Service Time 08:48

Launch Time 08:30

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 22

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Gary Fletcher

Location of Casualty South of River Dart entrance

Service Launched to check on a yacht that appeared to be 'not under command' having passed close to

other vessels and not responding to communication attempts. Shortly after departing station the

launch was cancelled when the yacht was confirmed by others as being under command.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 28-Jul-18
Ready for Service Date 28-Jul-18

Launch Instruct 06:00
Ready for Service Time 07:56

Launch Time 06:16

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 21

Coxswain Richard Fowler Mechanic Gary Fletcher

Location of Casualty 27 miles East of Hopes Nose

Service Launched to carry out a shore line search checking for a yacht in difficulty following the receipt of a

PanPan call. The yacht did not initially report a position but was in the general area of Lyme Bay.

Communications were very weak hence difficulty obtaining a location. HMS Kent heard the location -

Exmouth ALB tasked to the casualty and Torbay ALB released to return to station. The yacht had

become dismasted. She was returned to West Bay Harbour.

Additional Notes Exmouth & Lyme Regis also tasked. HMS Kent located her and stayed on location.
Sunday 15 July - For approximately three weeks the Station ALB is RNLI 17-27 - 'Volunteer Spirit'.  17-28 is away with the part two refit of electronic equipment

Incident Date 01-Jul-18
Ready for Service Date 01-Jul-18

Launch Instruct 10:08
Ready for Service Time 10:57

Launch Time 10:23

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 20

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Gary Fletcher

Location of Casualty 1 mile SE of Torquay Harbour

Service Launched to monitor the progress of a Bayliner possibly damaged on Thatcher Rock. All reported

OK however the ALB attended to confirm before returning to station.

Additional Notes

Sunday 12 August - Our Lifeboat Seaside Special Day


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