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All Weather Lifeboat (ALB) - January to March 2018

01-Jan-18 07-Jan-18 28-Jan-18 01-Feb-18 06-Feb-18
01-Mar-18 09-Mar-18 27-Mar-18 31-Mar-18  

Information is indicative only


Incident Date 31-Mar-18
Ready for Service Date 31-Mar-18

Launch Instruct 17:01
Ready for Service Time 19:05

Launch Time 17:15

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 9

Coxswain Richard Fowler Mechanic Ashley McInally

Location of Casualty 0.7 miles ENE of Berry Head

Service Launched to a 33 ft Moody having suffered engine failure and rigging difficulties disabling the vessel.

Two crewmen went aboard to assist A tow was rigged and the vessel taken in tow to Brixham


Additional Notes

Incident Date 27-Mar-18
Ready for Service Date 27-Mar-18

Launch Instruct 12:34
Ready for Service Time 15:52

Launch Time 12:38

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 8

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Ashley McInally

Location of Casualty 7 Miles SSW of Berry Head

Service Launched to take over the tow of a Brixham trawler from Salcombe Lifeboat. The trawler originally

got into difficulty to the South of Start Point requiring a tow. The casualty vessel was met at

Brixham by the Pilot Boat with members of the fire brigade aboard to check the vessel before

entering Brixham Harbour.

Additional Notes One injured Crew member was airlifted from the trawler by the Newquay based Coastguard

helicopter 14 miles off Start Point
  Monday 19 March - Relief Lifeboat RNLI 17-27 'Volunteer Spirit' left Torbay on passage to Newlyn today & Dunmore East in the RoI on Wednesday. The lifeboat arrived at Dunmore East after an eight hour passage from Newlyn arriving shortly before 17:00 hrs Wednesday 20 March 2018

Incident Date 09-Mar-18
Ready for Service Date 09-Mar-18

Launch Instruct 14:17
Ready for Service Time 14:21

Launch Time 14:17

All Weather Lifeboat (ALB)
2018 Shout Number 7

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Ashley McInally

Location of Casualty Shoalstone Pool

Service Torbay Lifeboat RNLI 17-28 was at sea on her final commissioning following refit. She diverted to

search for the missing person but was stood down when the situation was resolved at 14:21. See

the ILB shout for this time

Additional Notes RNLI 17-28 rejoined Torbay as the Station Lifeboat at this time
Friday 09 March - Torbay Lifeboat RNLI 17-28 'Alec & Christina Dykes'  returned to take over the Station Lifeboat role today.

Incident Date 01-Mar-18
Ready for Service Date 01-Mar-18

Launch Instruct 12:30
Ready for Service Time 13:41

Launch Time 12:39

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 6

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Ashley McInally

Location of Casualty Princess Pier

Service Launched following report of a paddle boarder in the sea off Princess Pier, Torquay and unable to

recover to the board. Several paddle boarders and surfers where found and after detailed

investigation by the ALB crew and HM Coastguards no one was missing or in difficulty. Four

ambulances attended the scene and were stood down together with the ALB at 13:20 to return to


Additional Notes Launched in Easterly Gale force 8 Blizzard conditions and a wind chill of at least -10 - (Air Temp -

2.3). Low visibility also in the blizzard.

Incident Date 18-Feb-18
Ready for Service Date 18-Feb-18

Launch Instruct 20:54
Ready for Service Time 21:10

Launch Time

ALB Assembly Only
2018 Shout Number 1

Coxswain Mechanic

Location of Casualty Torre Abbey

Service Crew assembled to investigate a light off Torre Abbey Sands. Launch stood down before launch

following investigation by HM Coastguards.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 06-Feb-18
Ready for Service Date 06-Feb-18

Launch Instruct 09:07
Ready for Service Time 11:45

Launch Time 09:17

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 5

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Two miles SE of Scabbacombe Head

Service Launched to take over the tow of a broken down fishing vessel from Salcombe Lifeboat and return

her to Brixham. Tow taken over approx two miles off Scabbacombe Head.

Additional Notes Fishing vessel orignally taken in tow by Salcombe approx 7.5 miles SE of Bolt Head

Incident Date 03-Feb-18
Ready for Service Date 03-Feb-18

Launch Instruct Ready for Service Time

Launch Time

Main Boarding Boat (SBC)
2018 Shout Number 1


Location of Casualty Brixham Harbour

Service A few members of Torbay Lifeboat crew joined with others to try and prevent a local trawler from

completely capsizing following major flooding of the vessel in the inner harbour at Brixham. HM

Coastguards, Harbour staff, Firebrigade and Torbay Crew members worked through the day to pump

out the vessel before the evening high water. She was stabilised and made safe.

Additional Notes No lives were at risk however the RNLI salvage pump from the ALB was used to assist the operation.


 Images by RNLI//Nigel Crang

Incident Date 01-Feb-18
Ready for Service Date 01-Feb-18

Launch Instruct 18:11
Ready for Service Time 19:28

Launch Time 18:15

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 4

Coxswain                         Richard Fowler Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Corbyn Head

Service The ALB was diverted from exercise to report of four adults cut off by the rising tide at Corbyn Head.

'Y' Boat deployed to recover them to the ALB. Once all were recovered the casualties were

transferred to Torquay Harbour where they were met by HM Coastguard. 'Y' Boat recovered and the

ALB returned to Station. All casualties were OK.

Additional Notes

Incident Date 28-Jan-18
Ready for Service Date 28-Jan-18

Launch Instruct 17:35
Ready for Service Time 19:41

Launch Time 17:45

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 3

Coxswain Roger Good Mechanic Nigel Crang

Location of Casualty Approx one mile NE of Roundham Head

Service Member of the public reported an object - possibly a drum of some form - in the water off

Roundham Head. The ALB was tasked to investigate and search the general area. A mussel farm marker was located, recovered by the ALB and returned to Brixham.

Additional Notes The object was observed by more than one person.



Incident Date 07-Jan-18
Ready for Service Date 07-Jan-18

Launch Instruct 08:57
Ready for Service Time 09:24

Launch Time 08:57

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 2

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Close to Brixham Harbour entrance

Service The ALB was out on exercise when the fishing vessel 'Holly Ann' requested assistance from the

lifeboat due to steering problems as she approached Brixham Harbour. The ALB diverted from

exercise and established a tow assisting her into the fishing basin before returning to exercise.

Additional Notes Near gale North East winds were creating rough sea conditions at the time.




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Incident Date 01-Jan-18
Ready for Service Date 01-Jan-18

Launch Instruct 20:39
Ready for Service Time 21:51

Launch Time 20:49

All Weather Relief
2018 Shout Number 1

Coxswain Mark Criddle Mechanic Simon James

Location of Casualty Berry Head Quarry

Service ALB launched in support of a Police Incident at Berry Head Quarry. 'Y' Boat launched to transfer

crew paramedic ashore. ALB released once crew paramedic had returned.

Additional Notes HM Coastguards and Ambulance in attendance.

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