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A charity registered in England and Wales (209603) and Scotland (SCO37736). Charity number CHY 2678 in the Republic of Ireland


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The Wheelhouse and Forward Cabin Area

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Come Inside!

You enter the wheelhouse from the stern deck. The seat in the rear of the cabin is nominally reserved for a Doctor or Paramedic there being a casualty observation area on the other side of the wheelhouse. The hatch opening to below decks is at the bottom right of the picture

Looking Forward

To the left - down to the lower deck, straight ahead the crew seating area. Mechanic and Navigator on the Starboard side, Coxswain midships and Helm on the Port side. Other crew seats behind the helmsman position.

The Mechanic

Located immediately behind the navigator the mechanic has full monitoring of the two engines, electrical services and the communication facilities. The engine panel is split in two - one half for each engine. The marine band VHF sets are suspended from the deck head.

Engine Panel

A lot of warning lights and solid state indicators! For the trained eyes only.

The Navigator

The Chart table and from left to right the radar, electronic chart and GPS facilities. These are all integrated to various levels to maintain consistent information and allowing rapid course planning.

Coxswain and Helm

The operational configuration is set from these positions - the Coxswain may choose to operate from either the wheelhouse or the flying bridge. Control systems need to be set to recognise this. The main engine starts are located at the wheelhouse helm position.


All the major controls are here with some repeated on the flying bridge.

And Below Decks

Down the hatch!

A Most Important Item

The little kettle to boil water for drinks greets you at the bottom of the stairs together with a small sink and under cupboard storage.

The Bow

Mainly storage for emergency facilities including a stretcher and dry suites, head protectors - many useful items not required immediately.

More Bits

The stretcher and a head protectors for the basic crew number. Note the effective reflectors lighting up from the camera flash.

The Casualty Seating

There are eight casualty seats in this area that are fully equipped with restraining straps to prevent injury in rough conditions

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